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  • A-H360-001: Visual Culture Of Politics (Spring 2017)

    The course examines specific instances of visual political discourse across a range of historic periods, cultural contexts, political positions, and media. In addition to providing students with an overview of the history of visual language of politics, the course aims to develop students’ analytic skills related to critical assessment of visual information. Those are crucial skills for aware citizenship given the saturation of our culture with visual content and the growing importance of visual media for the political process. In addressing these issues we will examine traditional works of art and architecture, popular print culture (in particular political cartoons), and political use of mass media from film to television and internet. Some of the themes we will cover in the course are: symbols and symbolism of political power, imagery of political values, emotional appeal of political messages, political propaganda and fake news, politics of gender, class and race, and visual strategies of political opposition and resistance. The course is designed to fulfill the Community, Culture and Citizenship in the U.S. (IV-a) requirements of the General Curriculum.

  • SPA203-002: High Intermed Spanish (Spring 2017)

    Office hours: 1106 Patterson Office Tower Wednesday 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm or by appointment.

  • ENG750-001: Sem In Colonial Lit (Fall 2017)

    "Disenfranchised": African, Native American, gendered female, spiritual nonconformist, indentured servant, youth.  "Literature":  poetry, captivity narrative, criminal narrative, spiritual autobiography, memoir, slave narrative, novel. In this class, we will read work by escaped captives, anonymous congregations, abused wives, midwives, Black seamen, Native American preachers, and nameless writers. Individual authors include William Apess, Abigail Abbot Bailey, Martha Ballard, Black Hawk, Anne Bradstreet, Olaudah Equiano, Austin Reed, and Mary Rowlandson, in addition to others anonymous or and/or communal.

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